Don’t Face Your Day in Flagstaff, Arizona Court Alone

Get an experienced defense attorney on your side

When you’re facing a looming court date, it’s time to call in an expert. The Springer Law Firm, LLC can help. The owner and founder of our firm is a third-generation lawyer with extensive experience navigating the complex Flagstaff court system. Our firm is also affiliated with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and The National Trial Lawyers. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you have a knowledgeable, experienced attorney defending your case!

Our legal team will carefully review the details of your case to build the best defense for you. Get started by calling the Springer Law Firm at 928-774-6600.

Don’t make a criminal offense a life sentence

Facing a criminal charge in Flagstaff, Arizona? Your future could be jeopardized from a few wrong moves in the courtroom if you don’t have the right attorney by your side. Ensure that your rights and future are protected by hiring the Springer Law Firm. Our attorney will fight to avoid a conviction that could:

  • Cause you to lose you right to vote
  • Stop you from acquiring gainful employment
  • Prevent you from renting a home

A conviction on your record could cause you some serious trouble down the line if you’re not careful. Protect your future and your basic rights by calling the Springer Law Firm of Flagstaff.

Get sound legal counsel for your Flagstaff, AZ court date

The Springer Law Firm has the capability and experience to represent you in any traffic or criminal matter. We can defend you in court when you’re dealing with charges relating to:

Our attorney will walk you through the details of the legal process and ensure you’re prepared for your court date. Schedule a consultation with the Springer Law Firm to start building your defense.


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