Flagstaff Criminal Court Lawyer

As a former Mohave County public defender, defense attorney L. Matthew Springer has handled thousands of cases in a career dedicated solely to defending the accused. Since 2001, he has practiced criminal law in Arizona exclusively. As the sole attorney of the Springer Law Firm, he personally handles every case, seeing that each client receives the attention he or she deserves. Attorney Springer handles misdemeanors and felony matters in Arizona municipal, county and federal courts.

A Northern Arizona Criminal Defense Law Firm Accessible to All Walks of Life

A Northern Arizona Criminal Defense Law Firm Accessible to All Walks of Life

Clients of Springer Law Firm include people from all walks of life: students, professionals and many people having their first brush with the criminal justice system. Remember that there is no shame in being charged with a crime, but it is a shame to have anything less than aggressive defense in the face of a prosecutor, judge or jury. This is a time when you need to assert your right under the United States Constitution to a presumption of innocence.

Get the Help You Need Before Appearing in a Flagstaff Criminal Court — Attorney L. Matthew Springer, Attorney at Law, Can Represent You

When you retain L. Matthew Springer, Attorney at Law, you and Mr. Springer will work earnestly together to gather and review all relevant information in your assault, DUI or drug offense case. Your lawyer should be aware of, and prepared to address, all evidence that the prosecutor claims against you before meeting with that prosecutor. Nearly always, a detailed investigation reveals that there is more than one side to a story after a criminal arrest. Your side of the story deserves full consideration, along with all possible perspectives, explanations and details.

With Your Convenience Provided For

Located in the downtown Flagstaff Bank of America building off of historic Route 66, the offices of the Springer Law Firm are conveniently located to the courts down the street. The law offices are open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Jailhouse visits are available as needed. Criminal defense cases are handled on a flat-fee basis, so there are no surprises or worries about racking up billable hours. Mr. Springer is free to be fully dedicated to your defense without limitations of hours. Payment plans are available, and credit cards are accepted.

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